A Mostly Peaceful Book

Refutation of the Leftist Culture That Plagued 2020

A Mostly Peaceful Book is designed to debunk certain messages and ways of thinking that the hard left organizations and politicians have been pushing in the United States. The title of the book itself is inspired by left wing figures in the media, who called nationwide rioting and looting, “mostly peaceful protests”. A Mostly Peaceful Book examines several different aspects of the hard left and its actions in 2020. These different aspects include fallacies in left wing thinking, ramifications of terrible policies by woke politicians, misconceptions that BLM tries to push, and a sharp criticism of White Fragility.

While A Mostly Peaceful Book shows the ugly face of leftism. It is not a book written by a conservative for conservatives. It is written by an American for Americans. It is meant for liberals, conservatives, and anyone who has any belief in the American Dream. It is a plea for anyone who opposes mob tyranny and true bigotry to speak against the people that wish to tear America apart.

“A Mostly Peaceful Book by Michael Edward Mebruer tackles the issues of racism and white supremacy in the larger context of leftism in America. Responding to what he observed in our culture in the summer of 2020. Mebruer delivers an everyman’s take that reflects what many across the nation have felt. If you prefer controversy over conformity, pick up A Mostly Peaceful Book and make your own stand. Highly recommended.” – J.J Hebert, #1 bestselling author