The Surprising Freedoms American people have given up during the Covid-19 Pandemic


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I am surprised by how much personal freedom the American people have given up during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I remember several doctors and government officials saying something along the lines of, “I know that personal freedom is very important, but…”.  As a rule of thumb, if someone says something and adds “but”; the first part of the sentence is probably not true. These people care very little for personal freedom and it has led disastrous results. And when things get bad enough people start to take extreme measures.

How many small businesses have been permanently shut down due to ineffective measures made by careless politicians? Many of these politicians would not follow their own orders. One incident that comes to mind is Ca. Governor Gavin Newsome eating at the French Laundry while shutting down restaurants.  It would take very little effort to find a compilation of politicians (both Democrat and Republican) that have done this.  

The suffering of the children is the most needless. We have known since the Summer of 2020 that this disease does not affect children. Yet, western governments have subjected children to virtual learning that has been a massive failure. Children were locked in their homes for long periods of time. God knows what this has done to their mental health. But in our society, petty authoritarians must have authority. I still remember one story of a mother being arrested for taking her kid to a public playground.

Things have gotten bad, and many governments have become more and more authoritative. Which leads me to this article.  One man in Australia was sick of the authoritarianism of the Australian government. He set him self on fire in protest of the vaccine mandates. It took five people to restrain him and put out the flames. Make no mistake, these are the things that signal the death of a society. Don’t let ours die.

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